New Liquid Lipstick Collection celebrates all shades of Melanin

From beauty influencers with dark skin not getting the same exposure/recognition as their counterparts with lighter skin to makeup companies releasing foundation lines with only two or three shades for dark skin, the message of Makeup for Melanin Girls has been clear from day one, diversity in the beauty industry needs some major improvement.

To celebrate almost one year of promoting beauty influencer of all shades, calling out makeup brands with poor representation for different skin tones and sharing beauty tips tailored to skin of colour, Makeup for Melanin Girls will be launching its own cosmetics line that puts diversity at the forefront!

Makeup for melanin Girls liquid Lipslay collection

Here's a Sneak Peek of our new collection:

Lipstick for melanin girlsLipstick for Melanin Girls

Update: Our Liquid Lipslays are now available for Pre-Order!! You can grab our cruelty-free lipsticks at our shop:
The line is 100% cruelty free!


Why wait till the New year for a new look and new vibes?


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