Hair Removal Cream for Brows: My controversial brow grooming

This video received a staggering 311,000 views on Instagram and I decided to show you how I do it on my own brows

I actually did not find it as controversial as everyone else did because this is how I groom my brows regularly. It's convenient, easy and fast for me but I please be careful (refer to the disclaimer at the end of this post for more deets)

This is what I do to maintain are these brows of mine and it keeps them on fleek year round!

20160616_093141 download

I typically outline my brows with Nair Face Cream.

This product actually works for my face, not my legs or arms, but my face only, so I was very happy when it cleaned these brows up with no problem.

I let it sit for 10-15 min and then take a makeup remover cloth and wipe them away.

download (1)

If need be, I will tweeze the few that were on strike. But its rare that I need to do so.

download (2) download (3)

Then I brush them with some clear brow gel (on non makeup days, colored if wearing makeup) and then add a brow highlight.


But for the most part, I just brush them down and go about my day.

Simple, easy, no stress.


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