15 Upcoming Black Beauty Bloggers you should know

Contrary to what popular Instagram pages and  websites will show you, there are numerous black beauty gurus with melanin rich skin creating amazing content daily.

From vibrant cities in the United States to bustling towns in Nigeria, black beauty bloggers around the world use Youtube and Instagram to showcase their skills.

To create this list, we selected our favourite underrated gurus that share high quality content on Instagram and Youtube but have less than 100k subscribers on both platforms.

In no particular order, enjoy this list of Melanin Beauties and comment below on which one is your favorite!

1. DestinyLashae Makeup

2. Allyiahsface


3. SudaniDoll


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4. Ronkeraji



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5. Yemani_Elise

6. Itsbrittxoxo

7. Bicae

8. Beautybyttee


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9. Shaymakeupp


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10. Avielle Amor

11. JanielleWright


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12. SerenityBrown

13. Bubblegumz_


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14. Mkeupbynaaz

15. SydneyLillian



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Looking for makeup brands with great products for women of colour ? We've got you covered with our Melanin-Friendly Brand list.  For those with sensitive skin and beauties concerned about animal testing, our Cruelty-Free  and Vegan Makeup Brands list  is a great resource for you.

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