10 tips to make Hooded Eyes Pop!

Before we go through tips, here’s how to know if you have hooded eyes:

A hooded eye is one that is set in a way that the natural crease is not readily seen. This eyeshade typically features a layer of skin that drops over the crease causing the lid to appear small. 

If you apply makeup the wrong way, it can make your eyelids appear even smaller.  These tips will help you make lids more visible and let your eye makeup pop! 

1. Do not round out your eyebrows 

Rounding out your eyebrows and creating a high arch will create more space for eyeshadow but will make eyes appear even more hooded.

2. Do shape your eyebrows straight and flat

A straight and flat eyebrow pointing downwards will make hooded eyes look more open.

3. Have your eyes open when applying the product

Having your eyes open will help you see where to properly apply eyeshadow colours and see how flattering looks are on your hooded eyes.

4. Find your crease area

Hooded eyelids by default do not have creases so you will be creating a faux crease. Using the wrong end of a brush, locate the bony area of your eyes. Start applying your medium eyeshadow colour from the bottom of your lids then work your way up to slightly above the bony area.

5. Apply eyeshadow with an arch motion to create your crease

Create the illusion of a crease by applying your darkest eyeshadow colour with an arch motion, focusing on the outer corners of the eye.

6. Apply eyeliner as close to your lashes as possible

Do not apply liquid eyeliner directly to your waterline. There will be smudging and lots of tears.

7. Limit shimmery and light eye shadow colours to the brow bone  

8. Blend, Blend, Blend

Blend your eyeshadows so there are no harsh lines. You want the different colours you used to look uniform with no clear distinction.

9. If applying false eyelashes, go for natural styles

The long and fluttery eyelashes on the left emphasize the hooded shape of the eye.

10. To achieve a cat eye look, focus on the outer corner of the eyes


And that's it! You now have the tools to make those hooded lids pop!




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Paula Harris

Thanks a million now seeing exactly how to apply 💄 to my hooded eyes

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