Limited Edition Beauty Box

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The only person that knows what's best for you is you.

The Limited Edition beauty box is a chance for you to review limited edition products we are working on and vote to make them permanent additions. 

For the cost of one beauty product, you get 5+ beauty products  worth over $70!

Makes for a nice gift for bae or a friend! 

Please note that this curated box has a different shipping schedule from our other products: 

So what's this Beauty Box thing anyway?

  1. This is not a subscription box its a limited edition box (you will only be charged once for the product, never more than once) 
  2. It does not ship out like our regular products as all boxes will be shipped out at the same time 
  3. The product will always ship out on the 6th of the next month (e.g if you order the box September 2018 you'll get your box on the October 15th)