Deepika Cruelty-Free Silk Lashes

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Deepika (Hindi : दीपिका) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian feminine given name, which means "lantern" and "light". 

If you want the glamour of dramatic lashes that are cruelty-free, these are the lashes for you. 

Be confident knowing that your lashes weren't sourced from mink confined to small, depressing, cramped wire cages in highly unsanitary conditions. 

These fluttery, fabulous lashes are a better fit for evening glam looks as they are the most dramatic in the line. 

Plus, you're helping to reduce packaging waste in the makeup industry because the packaging is so pretty you definitely won't be throwing it away!

The Deepika cruelty free lash is the only kind of drama you need in your life.  

100% Cruelty Free, Silk Lashes