Top 10 Nude Lipsticks for Melanin Beauties

Lipsticks that will make you look like you just woke up like this.

A nude lip is the epitome of effortless beauty, but finding the perfect shade is anything but. It can mean hours of swatching, trying to get the right color for your skin tone, made the worse for melanin-rich beauties who only have a shade or two made for them in each collection.

Thankfully, with the rise of celebs like Rihanna and movements like #BlackLivesMatter, brands are learning that there is more to melanin beauty that one shade of brown lipstick in their collections.

Women of color shouldn’t be afraid of playing with different hues. If you’ve got blue, cooler undertones, try playing with salmon or pink-ish nudes. For yellow undertones, aim for something with pop (think gingerbread), and for those warmer undertones, aim for a warmer lip color like coral or rosewood.

Not sure about your skin tone? Play around with something similar in color to your natural lip, and feel free to use more than one color. Just be sure to opt for two lipsticks in the same finish to ensure they blend.

To get you started on your nude lipstick search, we’ve listed some of our favorites. Looking for more shades? These collections represent the diversity of women of color so be sure to explore their entire collection.

1. MAC Nude Lipstick in Persistence

This creamy matte lipstick has a natural finish and a warm peach color. Best on yellow or red undertones, this is a great everyday color that can carry you from day to night.

1. Mented Cosmetics Lipstick in Dope Taupe

“This ain’t your grandmother’s taupe.” A cool brown shade with a hint of pink from a brand that was founded on the principle of creating the perfect nude for women of color. Be sure to check out there a full collection of vegan, cruelty-free lip shades here.

3. IMAN Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Rebel

This deep brown lipstick is warm and luxurious, just like you’d expect from supermodel Iman. Wear it alone or blend with the matching lip gloss, Chocolate Diamond.

4. Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick in Leo

Say hello to your new favorite daytime lip color. This moisturizing formula makes it something between a lipstick and a tinted chapstick. With a sheer matte finish, the shade Leo works on any skin tone but was made for melanin-rich beauties.


This lipstick is the perfect color for whenever you’re feeling like a bad bi!tch. Riri’s rich, rosy brown nude has a natural yet dramatic vibe that perfect for any time of the month.

6. Bobbi Brown Lipstick  in Brownie

Bobbi Brown has been representing women of color long before it became a movement and this lip shade was the one that started it all. A pinky brown, this color works well on any skin tone. The creamy semi-matte formula is great for everyday wear.

7. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Chai

This highly-pigmented lip color works best on warmer skin tones and will quickly become one of your go-to everyday colors.

8. NYX Lip Lingerie in Beauty Mark

This drugstore beauty brand is bringing the fight for representation to your doorstep. This luxurious liquid lipstick will hug your lips and coat them in color. Creamy with a matte finish, try this cool brown shade is perfect for cooler skin tones, but be sure to check out the full collection to find the shade that works for you.

9. Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Area

Looking for a satin finish? Nars has you covered. Their smooth, long-lasting formula is saturated with color. We love the shade Area - the red tones pop against cool complexions and blend in for a more natural nude on a warm skin tone.

10. MFMG Nude Lipstick in Flesh
This slay-all-day lip color redefined the word flesh. A soft brown with neutral undertones, this nude works on any skin type. You’ll love the rich, creamy formula, but the highly pigmented formula will ruin you.


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