Toni Braxton’s Best Beauty Looks

#Unbreakmyheart, Toni Braxton's Lifetime biopic, is trending on twitter today and we love it!. From bankruptcy to lupus, Toni Braxton has been through a lot. On Braxton Family Values, she typically keeps her cards quite close to her chest but has really barred it all in the new movie.

Despite all her struggles, Toni has managed to stay serving! Here are 7 stunning looks by Toni we absolutely love



Toni Braxton

ANTM Photo Challenge anyone? YASSS MAMA 


Toni Braxton

Toni is baring it all #Unbreakmyheart and she has never been afraid to do so in her fashion choices too.


Toni Braxton



Toni Braxton

This look made it into the movie, as it should have.


Toni Braxton Look 6


Toni's got a thing for white 


Toni Braxton 6

Only Toni can still be cute in this controversial barely there dress.


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