Seven Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy During the Lockdown


Treat yourself

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  • If you're feeling pressured to be super productive during this period, take a breather with these these free meditation resources. It's okay to not be working at optimal capacity. We are also offering FREE Face masks for every order placed on our store while supplies last.

Shift your focus

  • It's okay to turn off the news and take a break from social media. While we cannot control the COVID-19 situation, and the consequences, we can control how we think about it and where we choose to focus our attention. Being optimistic can buffer against stress and fear and provide some healthy perspective.
Turn off news during COVID-19

Connect Remotely

  • Use whatever technology you have available and/or are comfortable using to maintain communications with family & friends.  Social distancing does not mean social disconnection, we just must find different ways to check in without exposing ourselves or spreading the virus. 

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Help others

  • Research shows that we feel happier when we show kindness, in any form, to others.

Practice daily rituals

  • Use the first hour of the day productively. The consensus appears to be to avoid picking up your cell phone for the first 60 minutes of the day.

Be compassionate

  • If you are feeling grief or loss as a result of this epidemic (e.g. due to disconnection from loved ones, work/finances, plans being cancelled, dreams abandoned, poor health) be compassionate to yourself.

Practice gratitude

  • Science has proved that expressing appreciation has a positive impact on our health. As well as focussing on gratitude in your own life, why not spread the good vibes by sending a short message  to someone else.

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