Purple or Green? Color Correcting Tips

Covering up imperfections and blemishes can be a headache, and the dark shadows they leave behind can be annoying when it shows through your makeup! Well, luckily there's a solution to that problem by simply Color Correcting! color correcting   Remember the time you saw that makeup guru conceal her imperfections with black lipstick mixed with gypsy dust? Me neither! However, we all have seen many MUAs use green, orange, or even red makeup to completely conceal their flaws. Color correcting has been around for ages; however, more makeup companies are jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out their own color correcting palettes to help us get one step closer to our ultimate glow up! Color correcting - in short, is an illusion in which contrasting colors cancel out the dark marks, which balance out the overall appearance of a blemish/dark mark, before applying your foundation. Most melanin girls fall under the Orange corrector range; however there are many colors in the spectrum that can do different things. Take a look at the list below to see which corrector is best for your imperfections:

Imperfection Color

Color Corrector

Blue/ Brown Orange
Blueish-Dark Purple Salmon (mix of orange/yellow)
Purple Yellow
Red Green
Greenish Grey Red (best for under eyes)

The video by @theprincesslifestyle shows an example of how to properly use a color corrector:


Quick Steps:where did u get

  • Prime skin.
  • Dab color corrector on your dark marks/blemishes with finger or brush.
  • Blend out edges of corrector into the skin (optional: Lightly pat powder on areas to set).
  • Proceed with makeup routine, while being very gentle on the areas where the corrector has been applied.

Tip: In order to avoid dark marks left behind by pimples, it is very important to properly cleanse your face daily so you can minimize clogged pores that cause blemishes! Also, try your hardest not to pick at them as this scars the skin.

You can purchase color correcting palettes from: NYX, LA Girls, MAC, Sephora, and many others.


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