No More Oil! Battle of the Setting Sprays

Let's jump right into it! No one likes a greasy face, especially after a thorough makeup application. I love creating a flawless masterpiece on my face, and nothing gets me more annoyed than when I start to see those tiny oil spots appearing on my T-zone! I have tried everything from primers to oil-free foundations, but my sebum production just won't let me be great! 

Well, that's where makeup setting sprays come in! I have tried everything from Milk of Magnesia to blotting powders which help control my oil buildup; however, none of these products work for long without that crucial last step. Setting sprays lock in your makeup so it appears freshly applied for hours, and helps to control oil production if you have oily to normal skin. Now, although they don't make me 100% oil-free all day, I have been experimenting with different setting sprays that promise to keep my makeup intact, while giving me that matte finish. Take a look at my reviews below!

E.L.F. Makeup Mist Setting Spray $3.00


Review: I enjoy the price, smell and feel of this spray; however it doesn't keep my makeup intact for long. If you want a dewy finish with 1-2 hours of makeup protection, then this is your answer!


LA Girls HD PRO Setting Spray $5.00


Review: I like this spray when I want an inexpensive matte finish. However, it doesn't stay that way for too long. I find myself having to blot my nose and reapply my powder after 2-3 hours. Can't beat the price though!


Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray $6.00 - $38.00 (depends on size)


Review: This spray is the business! I just wish the applicator sprayed more like a mist; rather than a waterfall. It soaks my face with the setting solution, which has to dry before I can really move my face. This spray is made for theater makeup, so it will keep your look ON for hours, but my oils start to seep through after about 4 hours. Not bad though!


Urban Decay (UD) All Nighter Setting Spray $30.00 


Review: The holy grail of many MUAs. This spray does what it says: keeps your makeup in place for ages-- I mean hours. However; it doesn't do much for oily skin in my opinion. I would choose this spray if you don't mind the $30 price tag, but luckily they have a 1oz version for $14.00!


Overall, my oil won every time. However, that's just my opinion and the reviews are based on how these products worked for me. I will be trying out the NYX Matte Finish Spray and the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray next! I am on a hunt to find the best setting spray out there that keeps my makeup from slipping off and helps to control my oily spots that seem to appear after an hour or so.

What are some setting sprays you love to use? Please share!

Stay beautiful!


Sana Akibu is a beauty enthusiast residing in New York City. She loves all things natural skincare, and currently operates her own skincare line; Natural Thrive Products. She can be found in her kitchen whipping up body butters for clients, or at her local Sephora testing out the latest and greatest in makeup. Find her on IG: @Sanakibz

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I also have oily skin…very oily and it took me a long time to figure some things out. 1st some of the meds I was taking was making matters worst. Spironolactone was making my skin oilier than normal. I had to get the internal fixed first. Then, the cleansing and moisturizing products was evaluated. I find that washing my face with neutrogena deep clean or trader joes tea tree wash really got all the dirt and makeup from my pores. This stuff is so potent that I can clean makeup from my makeup brushes with it. Then the moisturizer. Well, I like the moisturizer in a can from sephora call skin repair. Then I use MOM and then I put on Porefessional the gel, dabbing it on, then my mac matchmaster foundation, urban decay all nighter spray, born this way new deep powder and spray urban decay again. It works wonders!!! And it is August and in about 5-6 hours I do use an oil sheet blot on my nose and forehead and then repowder lightly and it last the rest of the day. I hope this helps. I suffered with oily oily skin to the point that my makeup didnt even look like I put anything on after 4 hours of application. This has been the answer to my issue!

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