MFMG’s Nude Lipstick for Women of Color

The New Nude

What began as a social media sensation has now developed into a fully grown beauty brand. With the release of a new type of nude lipstick, MFMG takes action on its pledge to celebrate diversity and show women of color that their beauty matters.

The Skin Collection, a set of four nude lipsticks, is the next generation of the highly-pigmented lip shades of MFMG. Designed with women of color in mind, these shades represent the diverse complexions and skin tones of real women of color.

The Skin Collection

Though underrepresented in the traditional media, women of color have flocked to social media to get their voices heard. Influencers, such as beauty influencer Ronke Raji, co-designer of the collection, as well as makeup junkies alike have been able to share their tips blending colors to create your own nude - the nude-hued lipsticks on the market are limited, at best.

“Nude lipsticks aren’t typically designed for darker complexions”, says Tomi Gbeleyi, founder of MFMG, “that’s why it’s been so amazing to design something different.”

Beauty Influencer Ronke Raji in Birthday Suit

The Skin Collection is an inclusive, rebellious new nude. It brings attention to the lack of representation in the beauty industry and celebrates the vibrant melanin skin tones of women everywhere.  With cheeky names like Flesh and Birthday Suit, these lipsticks invite you to love yourself and your deep complexion.

“Our nude lipsticks are meant to continue to drive diversity in the beauty industry,” says founder Tomi Gbeleyi, “It’s been our mission from day one.”

MFMG continues to deliver on our promise to provide products specifically suited to all the melanin girls out there. Because your beauty matters.

The Skin Collection drops today, featuring the colors Flesh, Naked, Birthday Suit and Desnudo. Get yours at our shop now.

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