Melanin Magic: ABH foundation stick campaign showcases black beauty in different shades

In an industry that often presents products for white women as the "default" product and the dark shades as auxiliary products or afterthoughts, its refreshing to see a popular beauty company like Anastasia Beverly Hills primarily using dark skinned models and artists for the launch of their new foundation sticks which will be available in August.

Like many other popular beauty brands, the brand has been criticized in the past for not promoting as many dark skinned women on their social media and product launch campaigns.

It appears that Anastasia Beverly Hills and her daughter Norvina, have listened to the concerns of their darker skinned customers with this foundation stick launch have they have partnered with black makeup artists and black models of varying skin tones to create a product launch campaign that showcases the beauty of dark skin.

They already released a set of pictures in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist, Kilprity,  that garnered a ton of interest on social media.


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Recently they also revealed that there will be videos to accompany the foundations stick pictures, the videos were created in collaboration with renowned makeup artist, King Mali Magic (Mali Otedola).


These Melanin Beauties!! 😩✨😩 @heysaron 🙌🏾🇪🇹 #MALIMAGIC #BTS #sneakpeek #staytuned

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The stills and preview of the videos are stunning as it is clear that Anastasia Beverly Hills is focusing on the needs of black women with this product.

Will you be getting these?


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