Melanin Glow Goals: Top Body Oils for Dark Skin

Ever scroll through Instagram thinking "damn she is glowing to the Gods, how can I look like her?"


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The top trend this summer is taking the highlight beyond your face with your Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkits and to the rest of your body with shimmering body oils!

First you want to make sure you cleanse your skin because what's the point of looking like an Instagram baddie  with A1 blending skills if your skin is a hot mess?

Properly  cleanse your skin using your favourite cleanser, personally, I am a fan of the Clarisonic brush because I know it will give me that deep cleanse when I'm feeling lazy after a long day or night out.

Next step moisture! Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer is a must to leave you feeling soft and actually protect your skin. My favourite moisturizer right now is Nivea Creme . It's heavy duty but it gets the job done and I love it. The best shimmer body oil are less about glitter and more about shimmer! Tiny gold and bronze flecks compliment red and golden undertones in melanin rich skin and will leave you feeling like a bronze goddess!

Now that you've slathered up, lets discuss the top shimmering oils for the summer from waiting till next paycheck to easy on the wallet:

  • Tom Ford Soliel Blanc Shimmering Oil Melanin Glow
    Lots of influencers from Amrezy to Jackie Aina have been sporting this oil this summer and here's why: The smell takes you the beach in a few seconds and the shimmering particles don't settle at the bottom of the bottle. They stay suspended in the bottle and has a pay off like glimmer as opposed to glitter.
  •  Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
    Body shimmer for black girls

    A Summer Oil that will blind your haters with the glow but won't break the bank. As with many other Body shop products its made with Fair Trade honey. It does not have the same beachy smell the Tom Ford oil will give you but will still deliver on the glow!
  • Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance
    summer glow for black girls
    I saw this on Alyssa Forever and AaliyahJay and I just had to get it! The concerns with some of these glow oils with dark skin is that the shimmer won't show up but it definitely does with this one! You can just browse through the instagram page to see someone of your skin tone using it. The consistency is good and packaging makes it easy to apply.
  • Kaylux Vacation Body Highlighter
    kaylux cosmetics

    In the spirit of supporting black owned business, this new company was started by a black beauty influencer and her signature product is the body highlight. Images of the shimmer can be seen on twitter and Instagram.
  • NARS Body Glow
    summer goals

    This option is a long standing beauty community favourite however the glow it will give on dark skin is fairly subtle. So if you are looking for the blind your haters type glow, this is not the oil for you.



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I love those body oil.which one among is for dark skill?

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