Makeup Giveaway: Win a Nubian Palette & More!

Makeup Giveaway time!!

Curious to try the Nubian Palette I that is flooding timelines on social media? Well here is your chance to grab a FREE one!

Simply answer all the questions in this survey for a chance to win! Here are some swatches & info on  some of the  goodies listed:

Nubian Palette I

Super pigmented shadows by Juvias Place, the packaging tailored towards WOC has taken social media by storm.
Nubian Swatches







Plain Jane Beauty

Plain Jane Beauty is a natural and organic cosmetics company that caters to all skin tones. I did an interview with the founder last month and the ethos of brand is to celebrate women, particularly women of colour who are grossly underserved in the beauty industry.

Exclusive Discount Code: Get 20% off your Plain Jane Beauty orders with the code MFMG.

Goodluck Slayers!

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joycelyn cole

I really need makeup.I love it and I think I look pretty without it but I think im also ugly without it so please please please please give the makeup to me and I love you guys.

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