KKW Contour Kit on Deep Dark Skin

In a video that surprised no one, beauty vlogger Nyma Tang showed that the KKW Contour "Deep Dark" product is actually not deep dark at all.

As part of her "Darkest Shade Series", Nyma has been trying on cult beauty favourites to see how they swatch on darker skin tones. On Nyma, the deep dark KKW Beauty Shade  looked more like a highlighter than a contour.

"When products that are considered 'contour' launch, the deeper side of the spectrum is completely left out most of the time. I was compelled to do this not only because a lot of you guys wanted me to do it, but because if I didn't do it, the darker side of the spectrum is just going to keep on going unnoticed," she says in the video.



Nyma "Darkest Shade Series" shows that beauty brands need to improve on their options for dark skin tones.

"This struggle not only exists with the deeper side of the spectrum but also with the paler side, as well," she points out. "I'm also trying to make people aware that there is a market for the extreme sides of the spectrum. Beauty should be inclusive, no matter your skin tone."

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