How To: Tint Your Eyebrows

If you've been following the latest trends on social media then you have come across the newest fads like "box braids" (bka cornrows!), using tape to create precise contour lines, and dyeing your eyebrows to create a semi-permanent fuller look.

Yes, people from all over are ditching the eyeliner pencils and using colored dyes to create fuller eyebrows that don't wipe off when you accidentally scratch your brow bone ---ugh the worst! I have seen companies on IG such as: Candy Brow bar, Val Ross, and Wunder Brow use products to create long lasting eyebrow tints that can last up to 2 weeks.

If you are like me, then you have a D.I.Y. spirit and love to easily crack the code on whatever beauty fixes you can get your hands on. Although not fully advised, I created my own eyebrow tint using semi-permanent hair dye, a Q-tip, a cotton ball, and good ol' rubbing alcohol! You can follow the steps below, get a friend to help if needed, and enjoy the benefits of having fuller brows in less than 10 mins.

You'll need: Semi-permanent hair dye in dark brown (you can use dark Henna too), 2 Q-tips (or small angle brush), cotton ball, rubbing alcohol, and a mirror. Don't forget to wash and pat dry your eyebrows before starting the tinting process!

  1. [If your hair dye comes pre-mixed then proceed to step 2] Grab a bowl and mix your powder hair dye with water. Any bleached based hair dyes will be too harsh for your brows, so stick to pre-mixed or powder formulas such as: Godefroy Eyelash Tint, Tints of Nature, Clairol, or The Henna Guys.
  2. Squeeze a quarter size amount of dye into a mixing bowl or glass bowl (can be easily washed).color dye
  3.  While facing a mirror, dip the Q-tip into the dye (or an angle brush) and begin to create an arch while filling in your brows slowly, as you would with a pencil. Tip: If you are afraid of messes, place a small amount of vaseline around the outside of the eyebrows to avoid over-tinting those areas.brow
  4. Once the brows are fully covered with the dye, allow it to dry for 10-15 mins. Don't worry about mistakes, you can clean those up later. Tip: If irritation occurs, rinse brows immediately.brow
  5. Use the dry cotton ball to wipe off the hair dye from your eyebrows, then proceed with rinsing your brows with lukewarm water (being careful to avoid eye contact). Pat dry. Tip: You can use baby wipes if you do not have a sink near you to rinse your eyebrows.brow
  6. Dip the last Q-tip into the alcohol and gently rub away any mistakes and harsh lines.
  7. All Done! The tint should last a few days to 2 weeks; depending on the hair dye and your face washing regimen.tint brows black women

If you aren't the DIY type, or think the tinting game is out your league, then you may want to try eyebrow extensions as seen on The Look by Joi,or eyebrow feathering which is another term for "micro tattooing" your brows.  Regardless of what you use to get your eyebrows together, be sure it compliments your style and budget. Tinted brows are hair to stay! Get it? "Hair" instead of here... lol nvm :)

What do you use to fill in your brows? What have you tried? We'd love to hear from you.

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Sana Akibu is a beauty enthusiast residing in New York City. She loves all things natural skincare, and currently operates her own skincare line; Natural Thrive Products. She can be found in her kitchen whipping up body butters for clients, or at her local Sephora testing out the latest and greatest in makeup. Find her on IG: @Sanakibz


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