Foundation switch to show variation of dark skin tones!

As part of her Youtube Inspirational video series, beauty YouTuber, Ronke Raji switched foundation shades with law student Nyajouk. Although the girls did it mostly for fun, the video shows how two dark skin tones can vary drastically!

Although it's common for major beauty brands to release concealer and foundation shades with similar undertones (so much red out there) for dark skin, it's clear that undertones differ among women with darker skin tones.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you don't have to be lighter or be darker to be beautiful, just be you," Ronke says in the video.

In a previous video that hit a million views,deep dark skinned beauty Nyajouk shared her experience with makeup "Anytime I go to drugstores or large makeup stores, the darkest shade is still usually lighter than my skin tone... I don't really wear makeup that much because there is never really any shade for me, when I do put makeup I end up looking weird."

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