Dear non-black Beauty Vloggers, leave the n-word alone


For those of you unaware, earlier today this happened:


The video is a snap posted by Youtube guru, Jaclyn Hill which shows another beauty vlogger, Kathleen Lights saying the n-word. Despite the numerous think-pieces, academic journal entries, documentaries, podcasts, books and more than explain why non-black people shouldn't use the n-word, for whatever reason Americans that aren't black are very obsessed with the word.

"But I hear it so much in rap songs, so I don't understand why I can't say it"

"How can one group get to say a word and others can't say it"

"I have black friends though"

"I have black friends that are okay with me saying it"

"But I'm not racist though"

You've likely heard these comments in one variation or another from a non-black person that says the n-word.

The intent of the N-word is to intimidate & oppress black people. Plain & simple.  Yes, Black people have reclaimed the word but the difference between a black person and another POC  is that black people have to deal with the real-world ramifications of being black every day.

In case you don't follow the news, the real-world ramifications of being black can include being denied entry into a club,  having limited shade ranges of foundation to choose from, subject to intense trolling online just because of your skin color, being manhandled by a police offer, shot dead by a police officer for no just reason or due cause.

A non-black person saying "nigga" does not have to deal with these issues in the same way:

“I might see Trinidad James on the street and call him ‘my nigga.’ You know why? Because he is my nigga. And the difference between Trinidad James and you is that Trinidad James has to deal with the same oppressive situations. He was born into a world where anti-black racism prevails. He lives in a world where police might shoot him on the street no matter how much money he has. We share a collective condition known as ‘nigga.’ White people don’t.” - Marc Lamont Hill

In response to the criticism after the video came out, Kathleen issued an apology that many have deemed sincere. Here are some tweets in response to the incident:





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Stacie Markham

did she call a black person that word? that would be racist. how is calling jaclyn hill “nigga” racist? is jaclyn hill black? huh, i didn’t know. don’t we think that we’re all being a little sensitive? Besides, the people that scream the loudest about this have no issues at all with using words like “white cracker” and accusing all white men of…whatever. In case we didn’t know…that’s the very definition of racism. Judging another person that we dont even know by the color of their skin makes you a racist. It’s seems to me that equality is no longer what we strive for, but superiority and revenge. MLK Jr. is rolling over in his grave at the hatefulness, the vitriol, the insanity, and most of all the culture of victimhood that we are living in. But we can probably blame that on the Plantation Politics of today..the party that wants to convince people of color that they’re victims who aren’t intelligent enough to live the american dream and be and do anything that they want. they want you in the ghetto and dependent on government just so that they can keep you in debt to the party and the vote. Don’t believe me? Try leaving that rhetorical plantation and see if they care about the color of your skin. You’ll be fair game and they will send the hounds out after you. Then they’ll lynch you publicly. No free thought allowed in the democratic party…group think only.

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