Budget Beauty: What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Let's talk about budget beauty! I've always been a fan of good ol' bargains. Everything from food to makeup has to fit into my budget and lifestyle in order for me to buy it. I enjoy expensive things, but I also love finding quality items that don't burn a hole in my pocket. Most of the products I have in my makeup bag cost under $5 (YES!), and they look just as good on my face as the ones I have used for $50 or more. Take a look inside my budget makeup bag:


My Primer:

I use milk of magnesia when I know I will have makeup on for 5 hours or longer. It keeps my face matte and holds my makeup together. I have tried other primers on the market, but nothing gets my face snatched like M.O.M. for only $3.

My Foundation:

I came across BB creams back in 2013, but nothing compared to this BB Cream by Kiss for just $7. I use it as my foundation and absolutely love it. They have a selection of 5 colors, but I use the color Medium.

My Color Corrector:

This may be unnecessary for some people, however, I use the LA Girls Orange Corrector  when I want to cover up dark marks and any hyperpigmentation before applying my concealer. Can't beat the $3 price either!

My Concealer:

Now, I use to be a huge fan of Fawn and Toffee from LA Girls pro-concealers, until I came across this baby right here! Oh-Em-Gee! Ruby Kisses mineral concealer in Warm Honey flows so smoothly on my skin and blends out so nicely! Oh and its only $4!

My Powders:

I use 2 different powders to get me together! Black Opal in Dark ($7) as my overall powder, and Ben Nye in Topaz ($7-$20) for my highlight areas. Mannnnn let me tell you! Pennies on the dollar for perfection!

My Eyeshadows:

I first came across BH Cosmetics in 2011 and I could not believe how affordable they were - and still are! I use their 88 color matte eyeshadow palette, and the $11 price tag is definitely a steal!

My Brow Pencil:

My friend introduced me to the NYX brow pencil in Dark Brown, and I haven't used anything else ever since. It has a texture that glides on my brows but also stays on longer than your average pencil for just $6. They recently released a micro-brow pencil with a spooly attachment for $9 (OMG!).

My Contour:

I use the Black Radiance Concealer stick in Dark (#8003) as my cream contour and it blends so well into my skin. I am so satisfied with the finished look, and the $2 price. Whenever I want a more matte contour look, I use my ebony bronze from Cover Girl ($8).

My Highlight:

You can get all the glow up you'll need with this Wet&Wild MegaGlo highlighter, for just $4! The color looks great on my skin, and when I want to really glow up, I just top it off with some gold eye shadow from my palette.

My Liquid Eyeliner:

I accidentally found this ELF Liquid Liner at CVS and was a bit skeptical at first. Now I can't live without it! I use this liner E-V-E-R-Y day. No matter how casual my look is, I must have this on my eyes! Oh, and it's $2!

My Mascara:

The Maybelline Great Lash mascara for $5 gets me out the way! It volumizes my natural lashes without getting clumpy or smudging. Tip: Never pump air into your mascara because it causes bacteria and dries it out faster.makeup lash

My False Lashes:

Kiss iEnvy false eyelashes in KPE09 or KPE10 gives me the natural looking glam lashes I want without overdoing it! Oh, and I definitely reuse these $3 lashes 4 or 5 times before I toss them. Tip: Spray with alcohol before each use!

My Eyeliner and Lipliners:

These NK liners come in so many colors, and are very handy when I want to intensify my eyes or lips! The colors are rich and creamy and only cost $1-$2. If you are afraid of runny liners, then seal in your look with powder.

My Lipsticks:

I love rich lippies that are true to color! Both LA Girls and NYX never disappoint in this department. Everything from creamy butters to matte finishes can be found in these brands. Let's not forget the $3-$8 price tags. Thank me later!

That, my lovely melanin beauties, is everything in my makeup bag! I love MAC, Chanel, and Lancome just as much as the next girl, but I also enjoy saving money for other activities in my life. You don't have to splurge on makeup to get an effortless look! I hope this helps someone out there find the best quality items for their budget!

Stay beautiful! xo



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