Bryson Tiller Celebrates Dark Skin Tones in “Something Tells Me”

It's no secret that colorism is rampant in hip-hop & r &b with the most obvious sign being the absence of dark skinned women in music videos. This is why its so refreshing to see the celebration of diverse black skin tones in "Something Tells Me", the latest video form Bryson's Tiller album "True to Self" The song is great but the bevy of melanin beauties of different shades is what sets the video apart. Curious to know the creatives behind the makeup artistry & costume? We've got all the deets! You can follow the makeup team, models and get your hands on the skin-tone swimsuits with these links:   Makeup Team: Models Swimsuits Swimsuits are from Australian Brand: MyraSwim   Makeup artists that worked on the project, where you can get those skin-tone swimsuits and who the stunning models are:

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