Black Beauty Sells: Fenty Beauty Dark Shades in High Demand

Darker shades of the Fenty Beauty foundation line, shades #390 to #490 are selling out in record numbers at Sephora locations in North America.

This proves what we have always known, women of color are eager to spend on brands that include & represent them.

It's no secret the beauty industry struggles with diversity. Many major beauty brands still release new complexion products with little to no shades for dark skin.

When dark-skinned customers express dissatisfaction, the tired excuse we usually get are statements like:

"More shades are coming",

"Black women don't buy makeup as much as other demographics"

"We'll expand the shades on the next launch"

With 40 diverse shades, Fenty Beauty deviated from the norm by having shades for dark skin available at the first launch. Beauty lovers have responded by purchasing the Fenty Beauty foundation product in droves:

In an interview with Senior Beauty Editor at The Cut, Sephora sales associates at the Times Square location shared that despite efforts to restock daily, the darker Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r foundation shades still sell out.

Twitter user, @kiaspeaks pointed out a noticeable increase in beauty brands advertising more to dark-skinned customers after the release of Fenty Beauty's 40 shades & diverse launch campaign:

We weren't expecting any less from Rihanna and know the success of her brand will contribute towards dispelling the myth in the beauty industry that "Black Beauty does not sell".

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Nowu M.korkorlor

How do I get these products in Liberia, west Africa?

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