ARTIS Brush Review: Is it worth the hype?


We all know and love Artis as the pioneers of the new revolution of makeup brushes ! Artis brushes were the brushes of the millennium that had everyone shocked and curious to try. Artis is launching a new collection of innovative brushes "Brush Craft" which uses man made NuFibre instead of animal hair (thumbs up for that) which deliver flawless blending effects. This was my first time using these brushes but I did a lot better than expected. These brushes are definitely pro brushes but will become second nature after a few trial runs.


1. Oval 6 Makeup Brush

I used this brush to apply my NARS skin tint ( a full coverage liquid foundation) and to blend out my contour. I love how smooth this brush buffs out the makeup onto my skin.

artis brush








2. Circle 1R Makeup

This Brush usually loves to spot conceal but I also loved it with my Guerlain lipstick for a flawless application. This small brush may be the smallest but it surely is durable. I spot concealed with my favorite FULL coverage concealer from Makeup Forever.

artis brush review




















3. Liner 1 Makeup Brush

I was so nervous to try this brush for my brows but it SLAYED ! It will take getting use to for anyone who is a beginner but I honestly didn't expect my brows to come out so clean. I also used this brush to conceal under my brows and it glided with ease.

artis brush








4. Oval 3 Makeup Brush

This just might be my favorite brush of the 4 because it snatched my nose contour like never before! I used this to blend my cream contour and used it to set with my powder contour. Easy peasy.

artis brush






These sleek brushes are travel friendly and easy to clean with the Artis brush cleaner + Brush cleaning pad.


Artis has done it again, I give these brushes 2 thumbs up !

More information on these brushes can be found at

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