Affordable Contour Kits for Dark Skin

We got this comment on our Instagram and decided to address it with our list of best contour products for women of color.

Of course, you can contour dark skin! Thanks to Kim Kardashian and the thousands of beauty gurus popping up on Youtube every day, the highlight and contour trend is here to stay.

For those living under a rock, the trend involves sculpting the face by applying a shade lighter than the skin across the t-bone while using a dark shade around the jaw lines and cheeks.

Thanks to the lack of diversity in the makeup and beauty industry, it is tricky for women with darker skin tones to find products dark enough to use as a contour shade.

To help any Melanin beauties struggling with finding contour products in the right shade, we have scoured the web, read different reviews and used personal experience to bring you this two-part list of the best products for contouring dark skin. The products range from high- end to low-end so that no matter your budget you can buy the tools to get that face on fleek!

Affordable Contour Options for Dark Skin

1.L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD

With 18 shades to choose from, the dark cocoa, espresso, chestnut, beautiful bronze and toast of this brand are some of the many options suitable for contouring dark skin tones. With a creamy and thick consistency, L.A girl is an affordable beauty guru favourite.

2. NYX Highlight and Contour

With new flagship stores popping up around North America, NYX has established itself as the drugstore brand to rival high-end products.  Although the powders on this palette can get a little cakey if packed on too heavily, its price point of $25 is still a sweet deal.

3. Black Opal Foundation Sticks 

Created for Women of color,  these foundation sticks come in shades deep enough to be used as a face contour. The Carob, Black Walnut, and Suede Mocha shades are the darkest colors in the range. At $9.95 these are a total steal but remember to use powder to set these shades as a transfer is common with these sticks.

4. PÜR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick 


A little more on the pricier side than the others listed, this travel-friendly option is a little less than $40 so it earns a contestable spot on our affordable list as all the products on our high-end list are $40 or higher

The simplicity of the stick makes this product appealing as you can master the contour process quite easily with this stick.

Bonus Points:  Yay for PÜR cosmetics using a woman with dark skin for their promo videos for this product! Representation matters.

Part two of this series will be focused on high-end brands with contour products for dark skin! Watch this space.




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