7 times the beauty industry forgot darkskin tones exist

These product launches are typically accompanied by  "darker shades coming soon", "new shades in 2090" disclaimers. It's just like a fuckboy promising he'll change!

  1. YSL Beauty

You claim that we can "find our perfect shade" with this collection. The lie detector test determined that was a lie.

2. Too Faced



Too faced is more concerned with trendy product names than product development for dark skin tones.

3. Marc Jacobs Beauty 

Dark Skin

Only pale and light skin tones can experience "remarcable" skin apparently.

4. Tarte Cosmetics

"Something for every shade"

5. KKW Beauty

To be fair, KKW Beauty did a better job on shade ranges than other brands listed here. Since she borrows so frequently from black culture though, mama could have tried harder.

6. ColourPop Concealers

A good effort but more dark shades needed for an A+

7. It Cosmetics

I guess It Cosmetics doesn't think dark skin women are rich enough to buy their products if this "Rich" shade is the darkest.


Athough there are several brands like Iman CosmeticsMAC cosmeticsBlack Opal Beauty and Black Radiance that do cater to women of colour, this exclusion of darker shades contributes to the myth that black women have no spending power which is false.

It also sends an unfortunate message to women with melanin-rich skin that they they are an afterthought in the beauty industry which is not okay!

Here’s hoping that these brands listen to their potential customer base and leaves beauty moments like this in 2017.

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