5 Hijabis with fantastic makeup skills



Not one to shy away from super colorful & bright looks, @colorblockingqueen_pinky is a Makeup artist based in Trinidad & Tobago. She frequently matches her make up colors to her hijab in daring looks that scream confidence.



Relatively new to Instagram, @osobbeauty has quickly captured the attention of beauty brands and followers alike thanks to her striking resemblance to Kerry Washington, which many of her followers are quick to point out. She’s basically Olivia Pope in Hijab.




This picture is probably the most demure photo @radiance_niya has on her Instagram as she sure knows how to create dramatic & glam eye looks! She is proud of her  Tanzanian roots and currently lives in the UK.



If Posh Spice wore the hijab,  her style would sure be similar to @Basma_k.  A designer & entrepreneur, @Basma_k embodies sophistication & style with her makeup & fashion ensembles.

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