5 Beauty Trends that will grow in 2018

With every new year, an onslaught of videos about trends we are ditching pop up with passionate comments about all the things we disliked. We joined in the fun and shared an Instagram post recently asking what trends you want to die in  2018. From the responses, one thing is clear, obvious lacefronts should be left to burn in 2017. 

So you're tired of overdrawn brows, boxy scalps and "fashion nova ass bitches" but what trends will take over next year?

Here are a list of 5 trends we think will be on the rise in 2018. 

1. Brand collaborations with beauty influencers of color

It's no secret that black beauty influencers have a hard time gaining large audiences on Youtube and Instagram.

For those that do succeed in getting traction online, getting the attention of multinational beauty brands for product collaborations is often a challenge, especially for influencers with dark skin tones.

The recognition of the power of influencer marketing and the success of inclusive brands has enabled more dark skin influencers to get a seat at the table.

Jackie Aina, Jennie Jenkins, MakeupShayla, ItsmyRayeRaye, SonjdraDeluxe and Alissa Ashley all launched product collaborations with large beauty brands, which is impressive considering that we saw only one or two of these collaborations in previous years. 


2. Inclusive beauty campaigns & products tailored to dark skin tones 

Rihanna snatched wigs across the beauty industry when she released an inclusive campaign and foundation line with Fenty Beauty. Black and brown girls that have been routinely ignored in beauty advertising and product development, rushed to stock up on Fenty Beauty leaving other makeup brands struggling to find authentic ways to show their diversity as well.


Generating $72 million it's first year, Fenty Beauty's success demonstrated that inclusive ad campaigns resonate better with millennial audiences and products for dark skin aren't  "niche". 

Beauty trends on the rise

3. Closer integration of Technology & Beauty 

As with other industries, technology is changing brand discovery and purchasing decisions in beauty.

According to a research data by Adage, it was found that almost 80% of women in the US use their smartphone to get product details before the purchase.

This has allowed online and specialty brands to grow a lot faster through social media and prompted brands to adopt native apps and personalization technology that can provide the experiential shopping experience that millennial & Gen-Z audiences are looking for. 

4. Continued growth of Influencer Marketing 

Naysayers frustrated with how little they understand the impact of influencers are quick to belittle this industry but all signs show that influencers impact beauty purchasing decisions and are more trusted than print advertising or in-store beauty advisors.  

Micro-influencers (influencers with a small audience) in particular are going to get more attention in 2018 as brands recognize that engagement converts into more sales than follower count.


If you are a budding influencer this is great news for you. Instead of focusing on amassing a large following, pay attention to connecting with your audience, fine-tuning your niche and being consistent with providing valuable content as opposed to chasing a like or follow. 

We created a guide for influencers looking to grow on social media which you can review here. 

5. Personalized Beauty Products 

Customized cosmetics aren't new but the digital first nature of beauty consumers is making personalized beauty products more mainstream. 

Today's customer is incredibly well informed and more demanding and wants products that will be an exact fit for their needs. More than ever, today's customers want to control.


Shiseido, Lancome & L'oreal are some of the brands already taking advantage of this approach through foundation matching apps and newer brands like Function of Beauty and Form Beauty are creating personalized options for hair care. 

We've shared ours, what trends do you think will grow in 2018 and beyond? 

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