36 Talented Black Beauty Content Creators you can follow now

MFMG Cosmetics is a brand that began as a movement to advocate for diversity not only in the beauty aisle but also in beauty advertising. We started the hashtag #makeupformelaningirls because we noticed that talented black beauty influencers did not get the same brand partnerships, press recognition and overall support compared to their counterparts so we created a community specifically to highlight and celebrate their work. 

Since pivoting #makeupformelaningirls from a hashtag to a beauty brand, we've been asked questions from nosy Karens and Chads like

"How will this be profitable if the core audience is black women?",

"Large brands would have done this by now if this was so important and needed" 


We are glad to see beauty brands, magazines and communities showing immense solidarity for the #BlacklivesMatter movement by amplifying black owned beauty brands and supporting black entrepreneurship. Black owned beauty businesses are typically indie brands that

In the spirit of our brand's origins as a movement to support content creators, here is a list of Black Beauty Content Creators that you can support by following on social media and sharing their content with others. 

This list was curated by a long-time supporter of our brand & beauty influencer @itszaybaybay

Your feed will thank you for adding these talented folks to it: 

Black Content Creators


1. @beautybybb_

2. @_slayyourway

3. @_looksbydej

4. @cheriecocoa

5. @sandradedesackey

6. @jjennamakeup

7. @zariashakira

8. @kingkiahh

9. @tiaad_tutorials 


Black Content Creators


1. @tosinojo_stylist

2. @xravenmadx

3. @whitneyxabigail

4. @rayray_kad

5. @touchedby_nellie

6. @fatimafarley

7. @theglamgawwd_1990

8. @makeupbychelseax


 Black Content Creators


1. @echo_michaela

2. @rahsthetics

3. @raiman_xo

4. @shir.slay

5. @makeup_toyz

6. @iamkaylabeauty

7. @itskaijasmine

8. @issheblackorazn



Black Beauty Content Creators


1. @desireedaze

2. @xrizztina

3. @heij___ 

4. @nikescanvas

5. @93gabrielle_gyamerah 

6. @ohemaabonsu







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