31 Beauty Brands Owned By Black Women

The number one complaint from most melanin girls is that it is hard to find shades and colors catered to our skin tones or the options are too limited. Though there are some great companies out there that have heard our plea (MAC, Colourpop, Lancôme), the companies listed below are creations from melanin girl bosses who decided to answer the demand for diversity themselves.

For our vegan beauties, we made sure to include some cruelty free options Cruelty Free bunny.  I'm sure you will be inspired by this list of Girl bosses & find some new companies to shop with :)



Anita Grant (Founded by Anita Grant)

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty (Founded by Ashunta Sheriff)


BLAC Minerals Cosmetics(Founded by Merced Saint Boyce)

Beauty BakerieCruelty Free bunny (Founded by Cashmere Nicole)

Beauty BrownieCruelty Free bunny (Founded by 2 sisters from Brooklyn, NY)

Bovanti Cosmetics (Founded by Anita & Michael Bohannon,)


ColouredraineCruelty Free bunny (Founded by Louraine D)

Colour U Cosmetics (Founded by Karen Stallings)


FancyFace Cosmetics (Founded by Nicole Khayat)

Fashion Fair Makeup (Founded by Linda Johnson Rice)

Flori Roberts (Founded by Flori Roberts)


Gold Label CosmeticsCruelty Free bunny (Created by MUA Kristen Elise Brown)


Hue Noir (Founded by Paula Hayes)


Iman Cosmetics (Founded by Supermodel Iman)

IMYB [I Make You Beautiful] (Founded by artist and educator Danessa Myricks)


Joy Lorraine Cosmetics (Founded by Joy Lorraine)


Ka’Oir Cruelty Free bunny (Founded  by model Keyshia Dior)


Laws of Nature Cosmetics (Founded by Jasmine Rose) NEW BRAND LAUNCHING JUNE 2016

Lamik Beauty (Founded by Kim Roxie)

Lip Addyct (Founded by Adrienne Owens)


Magnolia Makeup (Founded by Niala and Tia Howard)

MDM FlowCruelty Free bunny (Founded by Chemistry Graduate Florence Adepoju)


Plain Jane BeautyCruelty Free bunny (Founded by Lake Louise)

PnK Digger Cruelty Free bunny(Founded by Howard Graduate, Stephanie Bennett)


Sasha Cosmetics (Created in Trinidad and Tobago)

Shea Moisture (Co owned by Richelieu Dennis and Mary Dennis)

Sheeq Cosmetics (Founded by Beauty Expert, Melissa Hibbért)

Spectrum (Created by Amber Rose) 30% of all purchases go to Autism Research and Education


The Lip Bar  (Founded by Melissa Butler)


Vault Cosmetics (Founded by Jackie Mgido)

Vera Moore Cosmetics ( Founded by Vera Moore)


Have any more WOC owned business not listed here? Comment Below!

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