20 Common Makeup Mistakes every beginner must know

Ready for your Glo up? 

Then these tips about common mistakes and often misused products shared by @Imthebombdotcom will come in super handy and make you laugh at the same time!

Refreshingly honest, hilarious and sometimes super blunt, she's not afraid to share what products don't work and which ones do.


  1. Settings Sprays: A common complaint is that they make skin oily. Typically this means that you are not spraying it at an arms length distance and misting it.
  2. Foundation: Not Lasting? If you don't apply moisturizer and a primer you are the problem. NO BASE, NO CASE. 
  3. Concealer Creasing: You can't expect beauty supply foundation to not to crease if that's what you're using. Get a setting powder to avoid creasing 
  4. Eyeshadow not showing up: As previously stated, no base, no case. Get a eyeshadow primer or better yet get a pigmented AF eyeshadow like the MFMG Glitter Palette 
  5. Too much eyeshadow: You're better off with a really pigmented eyeshadow if you're opting for color. The more eyeshadow you add, the harder it is to blend.
  6. Liquid Lipstick dryness: Moisturize lips before starting makeup
  7. Matte Liquid Lipstick hard to remove: Any good oil, coconut or jojoba for example,  will remove these without a struggle. 
  8. Brushes Falling Apart after washes: Wash brushes downwards during washing so that they maintain their shape 
  9. Cakery/Powdery Makeup Outcome: Use Prep Sprays or Hyrauluonic while blending out makeup
  10. Difficulty Apply Falsies: Choose black glue to match your eyeliner as opposed to white glue. Don't apply lashes until glue is tacky. 
  11. False Lashes lifting at edges: Cut eye lash bands to fit your eyeshape before applying 
  12. How to use lipliner: Opt for a liner that's slightly darker than your lipstick color
  13. Lipstick bleeding: See 13, a lipliner is your best friend here
  14. Messy Liquid Eyeliner: Think one long stroke is the best way to get a sharp eyeliner? Nope. Use small strokes to build your razor sharp line 
  15. Brow Pomade: Lightly dip your brush, don't dig in and use small strokes 
  16. How to use a Beauty Sponge: Using a beauty sponge dry is a huge no, no! You have to dampen them to get the best use 
  17. Glitter Fall Out: Use clear gloss as a base or better yet, a no-glue required glitter palette like the MFMG Glitter Palette. 
  18. Flash Back: Flashback is a result of using a product that's too light for you. It's best to match your foundation to your skin tone in natural light when you're doing your initial match. 
  19. Clown Blush: Blush is meant to mimick a healthy glow, not sit on top of your cheeks. Go for crown than clown by placing your bronzer lightly above your bronzer.
  20. Color Correcting: Here's the good news for beginners, color correcting is only ever needed for extreme skin conditions or special occasions. No need to worry about it! 

What beauty mistakes you've made before were on this list?

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