100+ Black Owned Beauty Brands you need to know

Criticism of the lack of diversity in the beauty industry and the success of Fenty Beauty has led conglomerate beauty companies and large independent brands to finally take the hint and develop diverse product lines that cater to dark skin  or collaborate with beauty bloggers of colour.

Despite the celebration at the increased number of options for multiethnic customers, the onslaught of product launches with 40+ shades has some customers questioning the authenticity behind these new campaigns. 

Whether it's done through influencers or the brand itself, authenticity and emotional connection are what the new generation of beauty shoppers and clamouring for. 

It's definitely questionable when brands that previously let complaints about shade ranges fall on deaf ears previously are suddenly singing the sweet song of diversity to the tune of increased revenue. 

Looking for brands that are borne out of grassroots communities? Look no further than this, the most comprehensive list of Black Owned Beauty Brands you'll find online. 

Since the list is in alphabetical order, we'll do an honourable (we're Canadian, it's not a typo sis) shoutout to our product line MFMG Cosmetics first (Sorry, we make the rules 🤷🏿).

MFMG Cosmetics started out as hashtag #makeupformelaningirls to bring attention to the need for increased diversity in beauty and morphed into a beauty brand after our community of  200,000+ women (now including you!) indicated that they wanted to see more beauty entrepreneurs that looked like them and more products tailored to their unique complexion needs. 

Enough about us, you came here for the goods!

Enjoy our list of 100+ Black Owned Beauty Brands from A-Z that includes makeup lines, skin care products, nail care and hair care:


  1. Aboni Cosmetics
  2. Afro Hair and Skin Co
  3. Aj Crimson Beauty
  4. Ajani Cosmetics
  5. Alaffia
  6. Alikay Naturals
  7. Ambrosia Cosmetics
  8. AmbyRose Beauty
  9. Anita Grant
  10. Ayele Cosmetics 
  11. B

  12. Bekura Beauty
  13. Bernadette Thompson
  14. Beauty Bakerie
  15. Beauty Brownie
  16. B.L.A.C Cosmetics
  17. Bovanti Cosmetics
  18. B'ellegant Cosmetics
  19. Butter Skin
  20. Bubble Babez


  21. Camille Rose Naturals
  22. Cocotique
  23. Colour Du Jour
  24. Coloured Raine Cosmetics
  25. Crayon Case Cosmetics 
  26. Colour U Cosmetics
  27. Curlbox
  28. Curlkit
  29. Curls


  30. Dalynn Cosmetics
  31. Darcy's Botanicals
  32. Danessa Myricks Beauty


  33. Earth's Nectar
  34. Elora Lane
  35. Eden Bodyworks


  36. Fancy Face Cosmetics
  37. Fashion Fair
  38. G

  39. Ginger + Liz
  40. Gold Label Cosmetics


  41. Honey Kissed Cosmetics
  42. House of Uni
  43. Hue Noir


  44. Iman Cosmetics
  45. Ijoselux Cosmetics


  46. Juvia's Place
  47. Jay Jill Cosmetics
  48. Joy Lorraine Cosmetics


  49. Ka'Oir Cosmetics
  50. KayLux Cosmetics
  51. Kimble Beauty
  52. Koyvoca Cosmetics 
  53. Komplexx Blends Cosmetics
  54. Koils by Nature


  55. Lamik Beauty
  56. Lashed by Blac Chyna
  57. Laws of Nature Cosmetics
  58. LenaLashes
  59. Lip Addyct
  60. Lipscape
  61. Lovable Lashes
  62. Luv Mineral Makeup


  63. Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture
  64. Maréna Beauté
  65. Magnolia Makuep
  66. Mented Cosmetics 
  67. MFMGCosmetics
  68. MDMflow
  69. Mischo Beauty
  70. Miss Jessie's
  71. Mixed Chicks
  72. My Honey Child


  73. Naturally Fly
  74. Nubian Heritage


  75. Obia Natural Hair
  76. Oyin Handmade
  77. One twenty seven East (127 east)


  78. Pampered Tendrils
  79. Pat McGrath Labs
  80. Pink Stilleto
  81. Plain Jane Beauty
  82. Pooka Cosmetics
  83. Polish and Co
  84. Polish my Life
  85. PnkDigger


  86. Qhemet Biologics


  87. Revel
  88. RandR Luxury


  89. Sacha Cosmetics
  90. Secretly Obvious
  91. Shea Shea Bakery
  92. Shea Moisture
  93. Sheeq Cosmetics
  94. Shoo
  95. Sp3ctrum cosmetics (also Spectrum Cosmetics)


  96. Taois Inc
  97. Taliah Waajid
  98. Thank God Im Natural
  99. The Lip Bar
  100. Tyra Beauty


  101. Valana Minerals
  102. Vault Cosmetics
  103. Vera Moore Beauty
  104. Vivrant Beauty


  105. WeareOnyx
  106. WonderCurl


  107. XOXO Sugar Cosmetics


Cora Cosmetics

Love the support in the community!

Check out Cora Luxe Cosmetics, a female black owned cosmetic company about empowering women with lipsticks that are Cruelty free , Vegan, Water proof, and French Vanilla infused.

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This is a great list! Another amazing black owned brand I tried recently is Omolewa Cosmetics. their website is www.OmolewaMakeup.com


This is a great list! Another amazing black owned brand I tried recently is Omolewa Cosmetics. their website is www.OmolewaMakeup.com

Tyger McClendon

Tropic Isle and EverButter are black owned. I think Fenty is as well

Mrs. Min

Flori Roberts is not a black owned business.

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