10 Awesome Brown Lipsticks for Dark skin

No one knows when the liquid lipstick craze is going to end but one thing I do know is that brown and dark brown lippies look so frigging good on darker skin tones and I cannot get enough of them

Last Month I posted this picture on the Makeup for Melanin Girls page and the response was overwhelmingly positive so it's clear many of you feel the same way I do:

Hope you enjoy this list of brown liquid lipstick shades for melanin girls:


  • ColourPop Cosmetics: Limbo

A photo posted by Yabz • O. (@ya_bz) on

  • Chocolate Wasted: Dose of Colors

Frederique: Lena Lashes

True Brown K: Kylie Cosmetics
true brown k on dark skin









Salem: LimeCrime Makeup

salem limecrime on dark skin







Whatever: Coloured Raine

Truffle Raine: Coloured Raine

Brooklyn: Ofra Cosmetics

Melanin: Eunique Beauty

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Where can I get Chocolate Wasted? So pretty!

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